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  Purchasing Information

Prices for paintings vary strictly by size. The small gouache paintings start at $600 unframed, and (except for tiny oils and very large commissioned works) oil paintings typically range from $2000 to $14,000. For physical protection, oil paintings generally ship from the studio in quality floater frames, included in the price. Delivery costs are kept to a minimum shipped in sturdy boxes or crates if the works are very large.

Payments can be made by major credit or debit card through PayPal's secure invoicing, or by check. Guaranteed to your satisfaction or a full refund minus shipping costs.

Available works
When works are available, they are usually posted at Recent Works. You can be alerted when new paintings are posted by signing up to get advance notices for New Paintings.

Finding the right works
For paintings you wish to purchase, email the titles and sizes to to confirm availability and exact price and where to purchase it. Please let us know if you are working with a gallery already.
Alternatively, we can assemble a group of available paintings that fit your size- or price-range or other criteria, from works you may not have seen yet. Not everything is listed on this site.

In the flesh
To see works in person, you may schedule a visit to my studio in NW Pennsylvania. Or perhaps more conveniently, visit the fine galleries that represent me, on-line or in person, to see paintings they may have on premises.

To inquire about paintings:
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