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America's River Re-Explored

paintings from 2016: Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

These are some preliminary works that may be included in my 2018-2019 solo traveling museum exhibition, America's River Re-Explored.

Below are mostly very small gouache (opaque watercolor) paintings. They typically measure only about 4 inches across.
They are probably larger on your screen than they are in life.

There are just a couple oil paintings so far, shown near the top of the page.

These two gouaches are in the process of being translated to oils on canvases measuring about 30 x 40".

Minneapolis at left, St. Paul at right.

Camden Trestle (about 10 x 15, oil on paper mounted on panel.

This oil painting (28 x 42 inches) "Sanctuary Between the Cities: Hidden Falls Regional Park"
The rest are all very small gouaches.

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