Gouache paintings

These gouache (opaque watercolor on rag board) paintings are quite small
—Paquette’s signature style since the early 1990s—usually
measuring just two to four inches in any dimension.
Gouache paintings gallery

To order the book, Thomas Paquette / Gouaches, see Publications page.

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Oil paintings

Paquette’s oil paintings vary greatly in scale, from just
over 2 inches to 32 feet, and are categorized by size into these galleries:
Large  |  Medium  |  Small  |  Tiny

Topical galleries:
1. America’s River Re-Explored – paintings of the Mississippi River
2. Art-in-Embassies paintings
3. On Nature’s Terms – Wilderness paintings exhibition
4. Collections and Commissions

To see paintings that are available, check out: Larger available | Smaller available.