Gouache paintings

Gouache is a form of watercolor paint that is opaque rather than transparent. This attribute gives gouache more functional latitude than pure watercolor, and has more in common with acrylic or oil paints in some ways. For people unfamiliar with gouache, its flat finish might seem reminiscent of “poster paint”.

In Paquette’s signature gouache format, these works are all remarkably small, usually no more than two to four inches in any direction. The story behind these small works – as well as the history of gouache itself – can be found in the essay by curator and art historian Sally E. Mansfield in the book about Paquette’s gouache paintings from 1992 through 2006, Thomas Paquette | Gouaches, published by Eyeful Press.
The book can be purchased through Amazon or Eyeful Press (click here).

Most gouaches are in the collection of the artist; sometimes a few are available for sale.
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