America’s River Re-Explored
Paintings of the Mississippi from Source to Gulf

Minnesota Marine Art Museum
Watermark Art Center
Dubuque Museum of Art

A solo exhibition of 46 paintings hosted by three museums in 2018 and 2019.
The paintings were the result of three years exploring the nation’s most important river, and were inspired by points along the Mississippi from its beginning in the northern forest lands of Minnesota to its end in the Gulf of Mexico.

Catalogues are available from museums, Amazon, and Eyeful Press.
Several feature articles about this exhibition may be found here. Videos below.

e VIDEO  Introduction to America’s River Re-Explored video narrated by Thomas Paquette
VIDEO  Informal Gallery “Walk and Talk” at Minnesota Marine Art Museum
MP3  WBFO-FM Morning Edition article
MP3  KBXE-FM live studio interview