America’s River Re-Explored
Paintings by Thomas Paquette of the Mississippi from Source to Gulf

Dubuque Museum of Art – April 27 – July 28, 2019 
       Reception: Friday, June 7, 5-8 pm  / Gallery Talk: Saturday, June 8, 1 pm
Minnesota Marine Art MuseumApril-August, 2018

Watermark Art CenterSeptember-October, 2018

Catalogues are available from museums, Amazon, and Eyeful Press
After having lived in five places near its shores, Paquette re-explores the entire length of the Mississippi River in these forty-five paintings.
He began with a series of paintings of the 72-mile Mississippi National River and Recreation Area and ended with an additional 2,200 miles being added to the project.
To see the other twenty-plus paintings, click here for Part 2.
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e VIDEO  Introduction to America’s River Re-Explored video narrated by Thomas Paquette
VIDEO  Informal Gallery “Walk and Talk” at Minnesota Marine Art Museum
MP3  WBFO-FM Morning Edition radio article
MP3  KBXE-FM live studio interview

To see the other 20+ paintings in the exhibition, click here for Part 2.